Evolutionary explanation of relationship breakdown

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4 predictions~

1. Costs related to emotional investment (Buss 1989)
Women prefer men with resources; assuming men are willing to share their resources. Because of the importance of resources to the female, female rejectee's would experience higher costs to losing emotional investment of their partner.

2. Increasing commitment (Perilloux and Buss 2008)
As women value emotional commitment so highly, men may start to employ strategies when threatened with a possible prospect of experiencing a breakdown of a relationship. For instance, they may suggest getting married or having children.

3. Infidelity (Buss and Schmitt 1993)
According to the evolutionary theory, males have evolved to desire for sexual variety. Therefore, can serve desire by obtaining sexual access to females outside the relationship. Alternatively, it can be used as a tactic to end relationships and help fend a replacement mate quickly. Males are more likely to engage in sexual activities with new potential…


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