Evoloution today AS biology OCR Unit 2

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Evolution & Darwin

  • ·       in the past the world has been inhabited by species that were different from those of today
  • ·       Old species die out - why would one species die out?
  • ·       New species have arisen - why would a similar one replace it?
  • ·       New species appear similar to the older ones found in the same place - did one give rise to another?

Evidence has been gathered from past and present animals such as Brachipods, Armadillos and Glyptodonts
Fossil are also useful

More Recent evidence
Biological molecules

  • Certain molecules foudn through out the living world - if one species gave rise to another they are likely to have similar biological molecules
  • Closely related species that have evolved reccently wil have similar or identical biological molecules
  • Species that took seperate evolutionary paths a long time ago will differ more
  • Molecules such as cytochrome C (respiration) & proteins show this pattern of changes

Protein Variation
DNA & RNA found in all living things
Central part of these protein is similar across living


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