Evidence for Climate Change

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Long term- ice core analysis ice cores from Greenland and Antratic which contains air bubbles containing concerntration of CO2. Pollen analysis pollen has been accumulated over a time a record of past vegatation of an area perserved eg sediment in the lake. The reliability of evidence- its objective, sea a trend over time, ice core records, date back a long time

Medium term- tree rings dendrochronology trees shows wider tree rings in warmer climate, historical records- paintings and written accounts, diceknsion winters literature, glacier retreat, but it is diffcult to generalise paintings. Tree senstive to changes in temperatures, sunlight for the enrie period od tree life a year by year record of tree ring pattern is formed that reflects the climate condition--- subjective bias on intrepration, tree rings are localised

Short term-instrumental records, collect temperature, scientific collection of data, air sampling such as weather stations. Ocean and sea temperatures wind, perciptation…


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