Events in the 60's

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Events of the 1960's:

28th of March 1960: Fire Claims 19 Glasgow Firefighters

19th of September 1960: First Traffic Wardens in London

21st of October 1960: First British Nuclear Powered Sub Launched

2nd of November 1960:Penguin Wins Lady Chatterley Case

9th of December 1960: First episode of Coronation Street screened

9th of November 1961: Brian Epstein meets The Beatles

4th of December 1961: The Pill is introduced

24th of January 1962: The Beatles sign for Epstein

2nd of April 1962: Panda Crossing launched

6th of June 1962: The Beatles audition for Geaorge Martin

12th of July 1962: Debut of the Rolling Stones

4th of October 1962: Beatles release their 1st single

5th June 1963: John Profumo resigns

8th of August 1963: the Great Train Robbery

23rd of November 1963: First episode of Doctor Who

7th of February 1964: The Beatles arrive in America

9th of February 1964: The Beatles appear on Ed Suvillan show

20th of March 1964: Beatles release 'Cant Buy Me Love'

20th of April 1964…


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