Events at Olympia

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There were 4 types of events:
track, equestrian, combat and pentathlon

All athletletic training was based around keeping the male citizen fit for war

The Olympics was a test for the all round athlete, you had to be versatile.

Athletes had to have high endurance levels as the events were all held close together

The pentathlon was: discus, jumping, javelin, running and wrestling.

Our pentathlon is: fencing, swimming, shooting, riding and running.

It wasn't clear how the winner was decided, most probable = if one athlete won the first 3 games then the others were cancelled.

Popular theory= first to win the first 3 events= victor

The scoring system was either win or lose.


prepared men for war so they could jump across rivers etc. 
No high jump because it reguired more skill then strength and need special equipment and a soft landing> not neccesary for war

Athletes used helteres that helped the athlete to jump
Take off= swing helteres forward, propells jumper
Landing= swing helteres backward, thrust for extra inches

unclear whether from standing or run up

Jumper disqualified unless both fett made impressions in the sand

Music played to accompany the jump, created rhythm and encouraged concentration, helped with timings


Discuses made of bronze. some were marble and one was lead
Modern discus= wood with inner metal plate and rim

Discus= diameter- 17-35cm 
weight= 1.5-6.5kg (2.5kg avg)

3 discuses were kept in the treasuries to ensure that the same were used and the competition was fair

In the ancient games the technique was more of a dance, music played, athletes only did a 3/4 turn
the style they threw in was so rigid


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