Evaluation of the Working Memory Model (WMM)

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  • EXPERIMENTS- BADDELY ET AL demonstrated the existence of the visuo- spatial sketchpad. P's were given a visual tracking task (they had to track a moving light with a pointer). At the same time, they were given 2 other tasks; Task1: describe all the angles on a F, Task2: a verbal task. task1 was seen as a lot harder than task2 presumably because they used different components
  • BRAIN SCANS- DOLCOS ET AL used fMRI scans to study the effects of dual task performance on brain activity. As predicted by the WMM, different areas of the prefrontal cortex were activated when performing 2 tasks affecting the same store than when performing 2 tasks affecting 2 different stores.
  • BRAIN DAMAGED PATIENTS- KF's brain was injured in a motorcycle accident. This case study showed that…


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