Evaluation of the Multi-Store Model of Memory

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Evaluation of the Mulit-Store Model of Memory


The serial position effect 

  • Murdoch found that we are more likely to remember words at the beginning and end of a list, whilst the words in the middle are more likely to be forgotten
  • This supports the multi-store model of memory as the words at the beginning of the list would have been transferred to long term memory due to rehersal. The words at the end of the list would still be in our short term memory and the words in the middle would have been forgotten. 
  • This suggests the STM and LTM are seperate stores
  • It also emphasises the importance of rehersal

Clive Wearing

  • Clive's LTM was partially impaired but his STM was not damaged. This suggests as the MSMM does that LTM and STM are seperate stores
  • Clive is unable to transfer information from STM to LTM therefore suggesting that he isn't able to rehearse the information so it can be put into LTM

HM (Milner) 

  • Had neural


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