Evaluation of Bowlby's Theory

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Evaluation of Bowlby's Theory

  • Evidence that attachment is adaptive and innate:
    It is supported by research into imprinting, Newborn animals such as ducks appear to form a picture of their parents within the first few hours of their birth and allows them to stick closely to this important source of protection and food. Lorenz believed that imprinting has evolutionary value for the animal since the young animal follows the mother it is more likely to be safe from predators, to be fed and learn how to find food.
  • Support for Monotropy:
    Tronick et Al. studied a pygmy tribe from Zaire, who lived in extended family groups. Infants and children were looked after by those who were closest including being breastfed by different women. By 6 Months the children still showed a prefrence for their mother, evidence for a special relationship with one person. However, other research into multiple attachments has suggested that all attachment figures are equally important (Rutter) questioning whether there is the need for a special relationship with one central person above others in the heiarachy…


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