Evaluation of the Multi-Store Model

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Identify- Supporting evidence for separate memory stores from experimental research.

Explain- Glanzer and Cunitz (1966) "serial position effect" found a clear distinction between STM and LTM. Presented pps with list of words and had to recall as many as possible in any order. Found that pps more likely to recall words from start of list (primacy effect) and words at the end of list (recency effect).

Conclusion- There are separate memory stores because words at start of list were in LTM and words at the end of the list were in STM. The words in the middle were displaced.

Identify- There is supporting evidence of separate memory stores from case studies of brain damaged patients.

Explain- Studying individuals with severe memory loss can reveal how memory stores function. H.M. has surgery that was successful in alleviating symptoms of


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