Evaluating Obedience

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Evaluating Research into Obedience to Authority


  • Milgram failed to gain informed consent in his study and also decieved his partcicipants. He decieved his participants by telling them that they were involved in a study about the effects of punishment on learning. As a result, he did not gain informed consent from the participants. It has to be considered that the study would have been meaningless without breaking these ethical rules.
  • In Milgram's study, it is not clear whether the participants were given the right to withdraw. MIlgram claimed that the partcipants were free to leave at any time and some even did. However, others argued that the experimenter 'prodded' partcipants which made it very difficult for people to leave.
  • Baumind claimed that Milgram put partIcipants under great emotional strain, therefore causing


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