Evaluating Ainsworth

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Evaluation of Ainsworth

+The classifications developed by Ainsworth have been yused to predict future soical behaviour. Sroufe et al (1978, 1983 and 1989) found insecurely attached children were less likely to ask adults for help and become frustrated more easily when they encountered problems.  Therefore be used to prevent criminality and help children.

+ The strange situation is a useful tool for studying a child's emotional development due to the 'structured observation' method and also generates scientific data. Also gives us an indepth insight into attachment.

+ The strange situation is  reliable as it is a lab experiment with tight controls. Therefore it can be replicated. Also lots of studies have come up with similar results

+Strange situation can be used across lots of different cultures as all chuildren go through the same stages of attachment at about the same time. This increaes the generalisability and validity of Ainsworth's theory.

+ Evidence to support Ainsworth's theory that


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