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life and death

humanists are mostly atheists however they do not associate themselves with god.

humanists do not believe in god or life after death. 

humanists think that-

anyone can live a good life

we only have on elife

this world and this life are all we have, so humans can act to give their own lives meaning by seeking happiness and helping others. 

ethical descisions hsould be based on reason, empathy and a concern for human beings

humans should trust scientific methods

all situations and people should be judged on individually by merits

most humanists believe it is wrong to take someones life and some oppose all wars.

origins of the universe

cosmological revolution

the term given to describe the change from the medeival view to the modern view. in the middle ages people believed that the world was flat and the sky was a fixed dome , they also believed the earth was the centre of the universe and all other planets were around the earth. they also believed the sould of the dead await inside the earth.  they believed this because this is what they could see and this is what they were taught from the bible. as science began to develop its theories started to challenge religous views with evidence to back them up. 

scientific theories about the world

the study of the origins of the universe is called cosmology. people have always argued whether the earth has always been around or or whether it had an origin. since the 16th century theres been a huge shift in the way people think and understand the world. until the rise of scientific thinking, there was an aceptance within the christian society that the bible was an absolute unchanging word of god. the traditional christian view is that god created the world as described in genesis. however as more and more evidence built up it became clear the earth is older then understood. 

the big bang theory

its the most accepted explanation for the origins of the universe. this states around 14 billion years ago there was a cosmic explosion that caused gases to go out in all directions, this is the beggining of time. as the gases released cooled the galaxy formed. 

some religous believers accept the big bang theory as it doesnt conflict with god whereas others reject it completely.

the theory of evolution is accepted by scientists of how humans came into existence, charles darwin came up with natural selection and the idea humans have evolved over time. however darwins theory disagreeed w the creation stories in the bible so people disregaurded it. a famous geologist said fossils exist because god put them there as  test. 

christians believe that genesis (meaning origin) in the bible explains the creation story and teaches in chapter 1 how god made the universe over 7 days and teaches in chapter 2 creation from the perspective of humans.

literalist christians may interpret genesis literally and believe that god made the


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