European Law-Making

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  • 'initiate of new laws'.
  • propose new laws.
  • consider what's benefitation to the EU.
  • draft proposals to Council of Ministers for approval.

Council of Ministers;

  • Vote on proposals.
  • Some laws need an unanimous or simple majority vote.
  • Qualified majority vote; votes have proportional representation in relation to the countries population, ensuring a decision made when its difficult to agree. This proposes the question of fairness, with larger countries ultimately deciding. However the process would be extremely long & difficult otherwise.

European Parliament;

  • Consultation; giving their opinion on draft proposals, to help the Council of Ministers to decide whether to approve or not. They don't have to follow this.
  • Cooperation; if laws affect internal markets they are consulted. If approved by the Council of Ministers vote unanimously then they can suggest amendments.
  • Co-decision; if law affects internation agreements then they can veto proposals if Council of Ministers refuse to accept…


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