Ethnicity and Youth Deviance

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Black people more likely to be stopped, searched & arrested. 12.1% of prison population is black, but 1.8% of the UK population is black. Asians likely to be stopped and searched but not arrested.


Jury with racist attitudes/judges giving harsher sentences/majority white officers/racist language/unfairly targetting ethnic minorities.

'The Secret Policeman' (2004) - One asian out of 120. Voting BNP. Police protect racist employees. Hire best lawyers. '****'. NOT REPRESENTATIVE? ONLY SHOWED RACIST? ALL MALE? DRINKING?

Hall: racism in police force and criminalisation of the black community by the media has led to ethnic minorities being over represented in crime statistics.

Blom-Cooper and Drabble: when similar acts were committed, black people more likely to be charged with more serious forms of the




A concise and useful summary of the issue of youth deviance and ethnicity.

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