Ethnicity and Achievement

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Ethnicity and Achievement


1) Cultural Deprivation

Intellectual and Linguistic Skills

  • Children from black families lack intellectual stimulation, leaving them poorly equipped for school.
  • Bereiter and Englemann - language spoken by low-income black American families is inadequate for educational success.

Attitudes and Values

  • Black children are socialised into fatalistic values that doesn't value education. This leaves them unequipped for success.

Family Structure

  • Moynihan - black families are headed by lone mothers, meaning the boys lack an adequate male role model.
  • Driver and Ballard - Asian families bring educational benefits as they have higher ambitions for their children's future.
  • Lupton - Asian families teach respect, meaning that they will be supportive of school policies.
  • Lupton - White Working Class parents have a negative attitude towards education and don't give their parental support.

2) Material Deprivation 

  • Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are the poorest fifth of the population.
  • Ethnic minorities live in overcrowded conditions.
  • African/Bangladeshis/Pakistanis are more likely to be in unemployment.

3) Racism in Wider Society

  • Rex - Racial Discrimination leads to social exclusion and worsens poverty. 
  • Noon - sent identical pairs of applicant letters for 'Evans' and 'Patel' to the top 100 UK companies, and found that the companies were more encouraging towards the white


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