Ethnic Inequality

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Ethnic Inequality


Wealth inequalities:

Rich list and ethnicity

·       Sunday Times Rich List 2009: the richest 100 people in Britain is dominated by white groups.

·       5 are categorised as "Asian", highest = Mittel (1st)

·       2 as "Arab", highest = Tajir (18th)

·       0 are "Black", highest is Ibrahim (178th)

Income/salary inequality

·       British Indian and British Chinese men earn the highest full time hourly wage (£13.49 and £13.00)

·       British Pakistani and British Bangladeshi men have the lowest hourly wage (£9.98 and £10.24)

Unemployment data

·       Black Caribbean men have the highest level of unemployment (12%)

Temporary work data

·       Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups are about twice as likely as white groups to be on temporary work contracts

Glass ceiling/vertical segregation data

·       15-20% of all ethnic groups are managers and senior officials

Horizontal segregation data

·       around half of British Bangladeshi men in employment work in the restaurant industry

·       about 13% of British Pakistani workers work as a taxi driver compared to 1% nationally

Discrimination evidence

·       In 2003, 3,183 legal claims made concerning alleged racial discrimination in employment, double the number in 1995. 16% resulting in prosecution of the employer

Educational inequality:

Achievement data

·       75% of British Chinese pupils obtain 5 A*-C grades at GCSE compared to 33% of British Black Caribbean pupils


·       The exclusion rate for pupils from British Black groups is four times higher than British




A great summary of ethnic inequality which includes a good range of key theorists as well as key explanations behind the inequalities.

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