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definition (a question)

the British Psychological Society issues ethical guidelines for those engaged in psychological research. these guidelines are basically a set of rules outlining what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in research.

examples of studies to support (b question)

studies that break ethical guidelines


  • POP - electric shocks distressing - showed signs of nervousness
  • deception - thought electric shocks were real
  • no informed consent - not told true aim of study
  • debriefed - reunited with Wallace and interviewed.
  • no right to withdraw - prods given by researcher.

however, justified as deception reduces demand characteristics, the reaction to the electric shocks was not anticipated, prods were needed in order to test obedience.

Watson and Raynor

  • no informed consent - parents permission
  • POP - distressing, cried and crawled away
  • no right to withdraw

however, justified as Little Albert unable to…


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