Ethical Issues Involving Animals (PLAN)


Ethics and Animals...

There are many ethical issues involving animals

e.g. Harlow's Monkey ( used to show how children need love). HIGHLY unethical to be done on humans (it involved depriving the monkey's of their mothers)

Improving Human Health...

Animals are often used in addition studies

This ivolves getting animals addicted to something, then getting them unaddicted.

At a result of this... experience pain and suffering BUT it's done so humans can safetly take psychoactive drugs and live happy lives without harming anyone

Selye: Unethical research of rats (information about stress) 

Benefits v's Negatives of using animals...

POSITIVIES: Interesting, sometimes they benefit (Dian Fossy)

We gain increased control (Blakemore and Cooper's study- studied sensory deprivation on cats by locking them in a dark


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