Ethical Issues in legislation about abortion

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Uk 1967 Abortion Law - 2 doctors agree that - mothers life at risk, risk of health damage, child health damage or born extremely handicapped. Before 24 weeks

Womens rights of life, liverty and self determination

Some argue abortion should be permitted in all cases, Historically we had a patrichal society ruled by men - women were limited by motherhood and no conception means. 

Only recently did women began to obtain equal rights and opportunities

Marry Anne Warren - abortion guarantees womens rights of life , liberty and selft determination

By restricting abortion one deny womans basic rights. Would lead to dangerous backstreet abortion, women would be forced to bear many children at short intervals - poverty and lower life quality, limited education and employment therefore lower economy, and unfairness as rich would travel abroad for abortion whereas poor would use backstreet clinics.

Danger of Backstreet Abortion 

pay money for dangerous and unproffesional abortion as people do terrible things for money. very dangerous and kills over 200,000 women per year.

Quality of Life vs Right to life

Pro choice - women may be disowned, abused and looked down by family and society for becoming pregnant out of wedlock - a ruined life. Worsened if in case of ****…


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