Ethical issues and animal welfare

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Personal feelings : made the forefront of social practice of society. Range from vegetarianism to not considering animal wall for at all. Acting ethically involves putting aside personal dealings for benefit of animals

Science : influence the ethics of societies and individuals as well as legislation. Four example that the animals do you feel pain in a similar way to humans whereas invertebrates do not experience pain in the same way

Religious beliefs : certain animals to be sacred (Hinduism Buddhism) humans should not inflict harm on animals (islam) animals are equal to humans where as others plays human at the top of the hierarchy.

Legislations : are separate from effort introduced to establish welfare standards for animals

Social practice : considered the norm four example food, source kept as pet, level of welfare


Consequentialism - theory base that the right end result justifies action

Respect for nature - importance of species or of animals rather than individuals e.g. protect a species from extinction

Utilitarianism - considers sentience. Most populous for the most people.

Contractarianism -


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