Estuary English (EE)

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Estuary English (EE)

Key Facts:

  • First noted by DAVID ROSEWARNE in 1984.
  • SOCIAL not regional variety.
  • On a continuum with Cockney at one and RP at the other EE is in the middle.
  • Called 'Estuary' English because the dialect was first noticed/started around the Thames Estuary.
  • Stems from the migration out of London after WWII; Cockney speakers moving to London's surrounding areas would accommodate to the population already in those areas.
  • Also due to the increases influence of comprehensive schools over grammar schools : Majority of teenagers were studying together from the 70s onwards. RP speakers felt too posh and '' those with broad localised accents felt rather unsophisticated, particularly girls'' (Rosewarne).
  • Upward Mobility; variety spread due to more jobs in the City being held by Cockney speakers during the 80's. intermigling of SE+RP with EE.
  • Influence of EE has increased since the 80s as it has been heard in politics, business, the media…


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