Establishment of the Crusader States

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Establishment of the Crusader States [1100-1144]


Military Tactics and orders


·       Castle building – needed due to how outnumbered they were as a symbol of their control and power as a visible threat against the Muslims and for defense – an essential part of Western military tactics which Godfrey, the first ruler of Jerusalem used when he began fortifying Hebron and Jaffa which was followed with his successor, Baldwin I, expanding the defenses at Montreal, Nablus and Acre – they also acted as foundations for administration, justice and accommodation

·       Experience in siege warfare – complex siege machines could cause considerable damage on enemy’s defenses and could also maintain sieges for considerable amounts of time as seen with the 8 month siege of Antioch – they used this when expanding territories

·       Knights – as seen with the First Crusade, the Frankish cavalry and infantry operated effectively as a unit with good battlefield communications, equipment and discipline and was a continued successful battle tactic after the establishment of Outremer

·       Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller


Crusader States Bound Together


·       Religious fervor – “Fighting the infidel” – motivation in battle and united the sates and armies under the church

·       Common institutes – the feudal system was the Western organizational system, a hierarchical system with the king and nobility at the top and peasants at the bottom, held together by an interlocking sees of rights and obligations




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