Essay Writing

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Essay Structure.- the rule of three


1) Answer the Question with your thesis statement showing basic arguement.

2) Justify by introducing your points.

3) Method- how are you going to answer the question .

  • Argument/Proof

1) Topic Sentence

2) Evidence-quotation

3) Analysis-explain quotation, link to question, close analytical work including language/ form / structure & contexts and different interpretations.

  • Conclusion

1) re-answer the question

2) Summarize you main points.

3) Conclusion statement -what you have found.

ESSAY PLANNING-the 10 steps

1) understand the question -key words & commands - characters and themes

2) re-read the related text - in light of question  - highlight key phrases.

3) brainstorm ideas - mind map

4) Edit the points - cut down coursework -4 points,  exam - 3 points --that you can develop.

5) Conclusion - think about points relating to this.



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