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Cooment on how Handel uses the following elements in And the glory of the Lord.

  • Melody
  • Harmony & tonality
  • Dynamics
  • Texture
  • Mood

'And the Glory of the Lord' from Messiah was composed in the 18th century.

Handel creates a decroativve melody by using trills and grace notes, this was very typical of the baroque era. There are four main melody parts; melismatic, this means more than one note per syllabol. Syllabic, which is to use one note per syllabol. Long repeated notes, which are sustained notes. Repetition, this is used through a short motif which is repeated.

The tonality is major throughout the piece. This creates…






To be honest, I prefer listening to music rather than analyzing the **** out of it; consequently ruining the song overall.

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