Essay on : ‘The Analogy of the Cave tells us nothing about reality.’

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(b) ‘The Analogy of the Cave tells us nothing about reality.’ Discuss. [10]

It can be argued that the analogy of the cave tells us nothing about reality as the situation of prisoners being trapped in a cave this is very unlikely to happen in this world so how can we can we actually learn a lesson from it if it is based on something extremely unlikely?

Secondly, it raises the question of why is it only philosophers who can see the truth. This seems a bit elitist? Thus this cannot tell us anything about reality because today we value everyone and we believe everyone is equal so it cannot tell us about reality as the views associated with this analogy seem outdated.

Thirdly, the cave is meant to depict our world and then our outside world as the world of the Forms yet this is not real. This seems




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