Essay Plan - Sir Thomas Wyatt - ‘Who so list to hunt I know where is an hynde’


Barnaby Nyombi

Examine the view that Sir Thomas Wyatt presents the speaker in ‘who so list to hunt i know where is an hynde’as having an obsessive attitude to love.


As one of the earliest English Renaissance poets, Sir Thomas Wyatt wrote this poem in the loose translation of a Petrarchan Sonnet, and was the first to bring it to England. He published this poem just after Anne Boleyn married Henry V111, and he spent a month in the tower of London before she was executed for adultery. Therefore it is widely believed that Wyatt is writing about Boleyn. Perhaps Wyatt presents the speaker as having an unshameful obsessive attitude to love because his love is forbidden.

1st Paragraph:

This can be seen from the line where Wyatt poses the question “who so list to hunt i know where is an hynde.”

  • Iambic pentameter = conversational = welcomes anyone to challenge him = does not ask in anger - sure of himself

  • Establishes conceit. Hynde = female dear = lover = Boleyn

  • Typical for a Sonnet to pose




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