Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care 2.1

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Discriminatory practices

What is the basis of discrimination?

  • race - racism
  • culture - share different beliefs/customs
  • disability - disabilism
  • social class - economic/educational status
  • age - ageism
  • gender - sexism
  • sexual orientation - homophobia
  • religion - a system of beliefs/values

What is direct discrimination?

  • intentionally putting someone at a disadvantage or treating them unfairly based on their differences

What is indirect discrimination?

  • when a policy, practice or a rule applies to everybody but it has a detrimental effect on some people
  • the discrimination is accidental or unintentional

What are the types of abuse?

  • physical - causing physical pain or threatening
  • verbal - name calling, insults, swearing
  • psychological…




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