Episodes of Industrial Unrest in Wales 1900-14

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Episodes of Industrial Unrest in Wales 1900-14

The Penrhyn Quarry Dispute - 1900

·         It is the longest lasting dispute in British history, beginning in November 1900 and ending in 1903

·         A dispute over pay and conditions lead to 2,800 workers striking on the 22 November 1900

·         However the owner, Lord Penryhn, then locked the workers out of the quarry so they could not work

·         Eventually the men were forced back to work because they had to look after themselves and their families

·         During the strike builders had looked elsewhere for slate and the quarry employed less people as a result

·         Key Point – The strike damaged the area with many people forced to migrate to look for work as the quarry could sell less slate


The Taff Vale Railway Dispute - 1900

·         The Taff Value Railway company refused to give their employees a pay rise

·         The company also refused to negotiate with the worker’s union – the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants

·         The union called for a strike which happened but non-union workers did not strike which ended the industrial action

·         The company sued the union for


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