Enzymes (B6)

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Uses of enzymes:

Cheese making - protease (rennet) - causes solids (curds) to separate from the liquid (whey) in milk 

Food processing - protease - digests proteins in food such as soy and citrus products to remove bitter tastes

Fruit juice - cellulases, amylases - breaks down cell walls releasing juice, reduces cloudiness and increases sweetness by breaking down starch

Medical - glucose oxidase, present in diabetes kits to test for glucose in urine or blood

Washing powder - protease, lipase, amylase - removes organic stains such as food/grass

Some people don't make enzyme lactase and and cannot digest sugar lactose in their gut. Instead bacteria in their digestive sytem digests it causing diarrhoea

Lactose -----> glucose + galactase

Beads can be made containing immobilised lactose enzymes. These beads…


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