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Biological catalysts: speed up reactions in living things, this allows them to occur more often and easily.

Enzymes are chemical molecules made up of proteins,

Each enzyme has a particular shape and inside that shape there is an active site, and this is where the chemical reactions occur.

What enzymes do?

Some enzymes break down large molecules, others build small molecules in to large ones and mostly they change one enzyme in to another. The fastest enzyme is known as the catalase.


The catalase enzyme breaks hydrogen down in to water and oxygen.Catalase is found in all the cells and protects them all from the dangerous waste chemical.Catalase are always on the move along with hydrogen peroxide and every now and again the substrate( bit that fits in the active site) collides with catalase and they fit together just like a lock and key.This is when a reaction takes place however, it does not get used up through…


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