Environmental impacts of fishing


Environmental impacts of fishing

Bycatch: the non target species that are caught when fishing.

  • Immature fish that are too small to sell- this may reduce future catches by killing fish that may have been caught in the future.

  • Individuals of species for which the catch quota has already been reached. They are still being killed whilst try to reach their catch quota for another species.

  • Species with no commercial value.

  • Drift nets can kill whales, dolphins and sharks. Reflective metal discs help whales and dolphins to detect the presence of the net.

  • Pair trawling for bass catches porpoises.

  • Shrimp trawl nets have small holes so a lot of larger species cannot escape such as sea urchins.

  • Pelagic lone lines kill albatrosses. This is reduced by fishing at night and by weighting the lines so they're out of reach of the albatrosses.

  • Demersal long lines can catch fish but also sharks and


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