Environmental Ethics Rap

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Environmental Ethics

There's a thing that we live on, a thing we call earth

But does it have value or instrinsic worth?

Big man in the sky, well he saw it was good

So he told us to care for this end of the hood

You got dominance, you got stewardship

Everything's derived from the Bible's tips

Tho they may be old-fashioned and they may be quite cruel

Hurting all the little creatures under our rule

Or making us change society

Relying on God and equalising trees

So let's just leave God well alone

And focus on Gaia at least for the mo:

A holistic view that the earth can breathe

And if we're not careful she'll make us leave

Then Shallow theorists say value's instrumental

(While the Deepies just think that Shallow's mental,

that value's intrinsic cos we've all got rights, and

we've all seen…


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