Environmental Ethics (2)

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Explain ethical issues associated with Third World development.

Students might raise some of the following issues:

• One of the main ethical issues associated with Third World development concerns fuel emissions, since emerging technologies are heavily dependent on burning fossil fuels, which is arguably causing devastating effects on the world’s climate, particularly through global warming.

• Where attempts are made to restrict the burning of fossil fuels, there is a suspicion that some countries are seeking uranium enrichment for military rather than economic and environmental reasons.

• Industrial expansion proliferates pollution sources. These cause damage through the inhalation of carbon particles; through pollution of rivers and lakes from industrial effluent; through loss of wetlands and open spaces in the wake of factory development, and so on.

• Technological development often leads to increased population pressure and the resultant increased strain on land and resources.

• TW nations see it as generally unfair that FW nations are competing from established industrial bases that have the capacity to seek alternative developmental technologies, whereas FW nations are in


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