Environmental Ethics (1)

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Explain both how and why attempts have been made to preserve the environment. Include reference to religious views in your answer.

For the ‘why’, students are likely to refer to a range of threats to the environment, such as: the threat from global warming and its effects on sea levels; loss of habitable land; pollution of seas and rivers from spillage, effluent, toxic waste, sewage, etc.; loss of trees from acid rain, made worse by deliberate clear-felling; loss of habitat for wildlife / loss of bio-diversity, etc.

Students might also refer to some of the following:

  • religious teachings about protection/preservation of the environment / harm to God’s originally-perfect world / stewardship;
  • general ethical ideas about the environment;
  • the argument that, as the dominant species, humans have both a right and a responsibility to preserve the environment;
  • utilitarian arguments about preserving the environment for future generations;
  • concern about the extinction of species;
  • aesthetic concerns.

For the ‘how’:

The range of possible


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