Environmental Ethics Secular theories

  • Some environmental issues include: Global Warming and Greenhouse effect (can lead to droughts, flooding etc.), Acid Rain (can make soil toxic, kill fish etc.), Deforestation (destroys habitats, can alter whole eco systems)
  • Different approaches:
  • Conservationism - anthropocentric view. world is important but only as a means for human survival. We must conserve it but for humans.
  • Biocentrism - Life centred ethic, everything has a purpose, humans are not superior. Paul Taylor gives his four general duties - 1. do not harm nature. 2. do not interfere with nature.      3. do not betray trust wild animals have of you. 4. restore that which you harm and heal earth
  • Deep ecology - Rejects anthropomorphism. planet centred ethic. All life has intrinsic value, nothing is just there on the planet for human benefit. 
  • Arne Naess - every…


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