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Entropy is an important aspect of thermodynamics, and is a property that all thermodynamic systems have.

Entropy, S, is a quantitative meausure of the degree of disorder in a system

All substances possess some degree of entropy, as they are always in constant motion. Values of Entropy are always positve, with a higher value indicating a higher level of disorder within a chemical system. A perfect crystal at absolute zero has zero entropy.

Entropy is related to energy, and it can be thought of as the dispersal of energy.

There is a general tendency towards higher entropy.(http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/files/2008/12/box-gas-1.jpg)

Entropy explains many natural processes, such as…




Nice notes, but I'm sure the equation is:

ΔS= ΣS(products) - ΣS(reactants)

Right? :)



Fool wrote:

Nice notes, but I'm sure the equation is:

ΔS=ΣS(products) -ΣS(reactants)

Right? :)

You are right :) Everything is always products - reactants, be it enthalpy or entropy.

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