Enterprise and entreprenuers

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Starting a Business

1) Enterprise

Enterprise: An enterprise is the ability to handle uncertainty and deal effectively with change.

Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is someone who starts and runs a business and has responsibility for the risks involved.

Key characteristics of a successful entrepreneur

  •  Passionate about thier product or service
  •   Visionary - they have faith in what they are trying to do
  • Energectic and driven - prepared to work consistently long hours, especially in the early stages
  • Self-starting and decisive - they don't wait for others to take decisions
  •  Calculated risk-taking - not reckless; they are prepared to take a risk in order to maximise the rewards
  • Multi-tasker - able to handle problems and overcome hurdles

Risks: The possibility of an event happening that could cause destruction or damage of something perceived to have value.


  • Financial Loss
  • Relationships
  • Time
  • Effort

Reward: is the expected


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