English Terms Revision

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 o   Non-fluency- ‘erm, er’ etc.-Any features that make it clear it is spontaneous which is fillers and hesitations.


o      Filler-is a voiced pause such as ‘er’ and ‘erm’.


o      Imagery-Creating imagery with words.


o      Phatic talk- making small talk, saying things for the sake of it ‘a nice morning isn’t it?’


Rhythm- some stressed some non-stressed-giving a text a beat.


o      Rhyming pattern- An example: ABAB


Compound- ‘blackbird’, ‘handbag’ and ‘skateboard’- putting two words together.


o      Neologisms-made up words


Suffix- goes on the end such as ’ly’


o      Prefix-goes at the front


Political correctness-not offending anyone.


o      Teenspeak-slang


 Back formation- changes the word class ‘editor’ to ‘to edit’.


o      Tag question- integrative- expecting a reply.


Sociolect- the words you chose to use within your social group.


o      Idioms- Cliché an overused metaphor- he kicked the bucket- can mean literally kicked the bucket or died.


Euphemism-mild expression-‘he passed away’


o      Syllables- how many beats per word.


 Acronym- USA- ‘United States Of America’


o      Sonnet- 14 lines in a poem.


 Rhyming couplet- two lines that rhyme.


o      Pragmatics- study of language.


Double negative- ‘I aint got no food’.


o      Estuary


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