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English Paper 2, Section 2, Part 2: Studied Poetry.

Studied poetry: William Butler Yeats.

Yeats's Background

- Born in Sandymount, Dublin, 1865.

- Noble prize winning Irish dramatist and poet.

- 1889 he met Maud Gonne, heiress and nationalist.

- She was the source of his unrequited love.

- He proposed (1981) and was rejected four times.

- Married in 1917, had two children.

- Died January, 1939.

When you are old - W.B Yeats

"Old and grey and full of sleep" 

"Nodding by the fire"

"loved the pilgrims soul in you"

Theme: Unrequited love.

He wishes for the clothes of heaven - W.B Yeats

But I, being poor, have only my dreams"

"Tread softly because…


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