English Speech- Perception of Beauty & Body Shaming

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For all of those who are unaware as to what "Body Shaming" is,  it's  definition is "inappropriate negative statements and attitudes towards another person's weight or size." When was the last time you looked at someone, and automatically  judged them for their weight or size? We all do it on a daily basis. Judging people is human nature as we are inquisitive about others. When we first meet someone, our brains make a thousand computations, which are made at lightning speed, these form an opinion in the first seven seconds of meeting someone. Often, first impressions are heavily influenced by someone's appearance.

Our perception of beauty is hugely distorted. From a young age, we see models, magazines which have altered our perception of true beauty, and made us forget what's really important, health. Models are airbrushed, that's not just making blemishes disappear. Their legs are lengthened, they are made taller, smaller, thinner, more curvey. Breasts are enhanced, and shrunk, all to please societys view as "perfect" at the time. We live in a world so corrupt, as advertisements are advertising mascara, yet the model is wearing fake eyelashes. We're constantly told what's acceptable and what's not, and our perception of "beauty" has been morphed into what society wants us to think. Magazines are constantly bombarding us with images of what's seen as "perfect", and the standards as to which we should keep too. In our everyday lives, our perception is altered, even mirrors in dressing rooms are curved slightly at the top or the bottom, this creates a slimming effect. As many feel the slimmer they look, the better. This truly shows society's devastating effects on us, especially us teenagers as we're more…


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