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For years our governments have been pretending Global Warming doesn't exist. This is due to money and influence from certain coal and oil companies.  Only recently have we seen a change in this and it is because of people like you.  People like you, with their social activism, have started to stop Climate Change on a local level in their communities and they have demanded that their governments take this seriously.
How to help stop Global Warming on an individual level?  Use eco-friendly products, environmental services, and renewable energy sources  to reduce greenhouse emissions that cause Global Warming.  Start a social activism campaign to bring back the electric car, which was killed by Oil Industry influence in 2003 with the help of the Bush Administration.  Imagine how much cleaner our environment would be if the majority of our cars were powered by renewable energy.
We have to learn from the last gigantic oil spill in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. The way companies have been treating our environment by ignoring regulation is terribly wrong.  Also, with the current economic crisis it is a "no brainer" for us to invest in the infrastructure for renewable energy.  The supply and demand for fossil fuels dictate that we cannot go on the way we have before.  We have finite resources of coal, oil, and natural gas and they are rapidly being consumed.  With  population growth as it is, do you think we can build a stable world economy on energy sources that are disappearing?  Economically is doesn't make sense.  Environmentally it doesn't make sense.  The consumption of fossil fuels is what caused the greenhouse effect in the first place.
Why is it important for you to do your part to stop Global Warming?  If you have seen Al Gore's documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, you can see that the most populated areas of the world will be affected enormously if we don't act.  What can you do?  As a shower starts with one raindrop, you too can make a difference to help our environment with your individual activism.
Let's pretend nothing has been proved and the pictures of the polar caps are in question.  Do we really have the luxury to wait and see if the doubters are correct?  There is no quick fix when the ice melts with climate change; only effects, such as Sea Level Rise.  So why not change the way you consume energy and the products you use?  At the very least, you will be helping make a better planet for the environment of your children.

How to help stop Global Warming?
The amount of energy you consume and start using renewable energy sources, such as wind power and solar power.  Sign up for Green Energy with your local power provider.  If they don't have it, then tell them to get it.
By using products made with recycled materials.  Make or buy a compost bin to use your organic waste as fertilizer for


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