english reading exam language techiques or "how" questions

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Colloquial / Chatty style





Rhetorical questions


Have you considered this?

Contrasting ideas/images


I lost interest but gained my life back

Shock/dramatic language


If you don’t change, life will be irreversible.

Use personal pronouns


This is our responsibility as we drive towards our goal.





The traffic is endless and relentless

Emotive language


They are weak and frightened

Play on the reader’s guilt


We are becoming part of an idle nation – unwilling to change.

Short Sentences


You are in control.

It is simple.




You may even get a some hideous helmet hair


Use statistics


1 in 3



List of three


it doubled in men, tripled in women and quadrupled in children

Imperatives – command verbs


Stop travelling

Look around at…


Play on sympathy


Even children


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