English Poems Pre 1914, CAD, SA NOTES


Pre 1914: Ben Jonson : On my first Sonne


  • Jonson contrasts his feelings of sorrow with what he thinks he ought to feel - happiness that his son is in a better place.
  • Jonson writes as if talking to his son - and as if he assumes that the boy can hear or read his words.
  • Uses iambic pentameter
  • arranges the lines in rhyming pairs, which we call couplets.


               :William Shakespeare: Sonnet 130


  • Having acknowledged all of her imperfections or limitations, the poet swears that his beloved is, nonetheless, as special as any woman "belied" (misrepresented) by "false compare" (untrue or lying comparisons).
  • it has a twelve line section (organized as three quatrains - groups of four lines - with an ABAB rhyme)
  • concluding rhymed couplet


: Robert Browning: My Last Duchess


  • Specifically he faults her for finding equal pleasure in four things - as if they are not at all of equal value.
  • his "favour at her breast" - either a reference to their love-making or merely to the duke's approval of her appearance
  • the sun setting
  • a gift of fruit from an unnamed courtier
  • the white mule she rode
  • Dramatic monologue
  • Iambic pentameter


        : Robert Browning: The Laboratory





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