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  • Description
  • One of Simon Armitage's more personal poems, and is written as if he is talking to a close friend or lover.
  • About trust between parent and child
  • Armitage is talking in present tense about the damage done to someone's parents' trust in the past.
  • Trying to suggest to them to mend their relationship.
  • Language
  • Title suggests returning home after a period of time, in this case after a dispute.
  • Poem starts with imperative "think" and then "two things on their own and both at once" - the 2 things are clearly linked, poet wants us to imagine link between them is trust. 
  • the "canary yellow jacket" = metaphor for trust. In last stanza he wants them to make peace and to "try the same canary yellow jacket" again. Suggests the person can trust in him. 
  • In second stanza, the jacket is "blackened underfoot" could suggest jacket made dirty like trust was made dirty from pure. jacket being trampled on could suggest accusations being…


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