English Opening Lines: How It Looks From Here

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Working through and analysing each poem, not in order, from the 'How It Looks From Here' section. I wont waste time re-writing the poem so it's best to have the opening lines book with you or get the poem off the internet.

I Am a Cameraman (Douglas Dunn)

STIFF: Subject, Tone, Imagery, Feeling, Form

Subject: The subject of the poem is a cameraman trying to explain how life's truth cannot be caught on camera, but can only be experienced by those who go through it and feel it first hand. Appearance Vs Reality

Life cannot be captured in any way- sight, sound, touch etc. Unless it is first hand.

Tone: The tone of the poem is despondent and the voice gives the impression of dejection. Hopeless and disheartened.

Imagery: Imagery is created through words used and from the syntax Dunn uses, eg 'Film is just a reflection' * The last stanza is filled with imagery.   

Feeling: The poem leaves the reader feeling saddened and hopeless.

Form: The structure of the poem looks uniform, almost report like, however the iambic pentameter is uneven and irregular- like life: sometimes life and it's truths (the pain and suffering) appear to be beheld, but in reality life is too erratic and unpredictable and it's essence cannot be captured.

* 'Film is just a reflection...' The…


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