English Literature Terminology

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Anthropomorphism- when humans are given animal characteristics

Ambuiguity- this is where there may be more than one meaning to a word

Allusion- when a word or phrase is suggesting something else.

Assonance- Repitition of a singular sound

Anaphora- The deliberate repititon of a word or phrase at the beginning of several successive verses, clauses or paragraphs

Abstract Language- things which are intangible

Concrete Language- things which are tangible

Caesura- a pause in a line of poetry, to allow its sense to become clear

Ellipsis- the deliberate deletion of a word

Enjambment- where a line is finished or continued on…




Thank you. But I believe anthropomorphism is when human traits are given to animals.


Natalie Braund


Thank you! I spotted the anthropomorphism too, but apart from that this is so so helpful :) 

Katie Cheeswright


Very good!

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