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Mother Any distance

  • Description
  • From the book of matches - no poem should take longer to read than a match does to burn.
  • About the relationship between mother and child and the transition the relationship goes through as it's time to move out and become independent.
  • May be relatable to a lot of people.
  • May be autobiographical
  • Language
  • In the first stanza, words of large measurements are used such as "acres" and "prairies" - could represent how moving out releases a person from small family life and gives them "acres" of freedom to explore.
  • extended metaphor of the mother-boy relationship in the tape, anchor and the kite. The mother is the anchor, the child is the kite free to fly but with the support of the mother if needed. The tape unreeling could be like the passing of years.
  • An alternative view to this may be that the mother is holding the boy back, she is desperate to cling on to him - "fingertips still pinch"


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