English Literature- 'Of Mice and Men'- Exam style question- EDEXCEL-2012

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Crooks stood up from his bunk and faced her. 'I had enough' he said coldly. 'You got no right comin' in a colored man's room. You got no right's messing around in here at all. Now you jus' get out, an' get out quick. If you don't. I'm gonna ast the boss not to ever let you come in the barn anymore.'  

She turned on him to scorn 'Listen, ******,' she said. 'You know what I can do to you if you open your trap?' Crooks stared hopelessly at her, and then he sat down on his bunk and




very good and helped me to practice for my exam !



Hi, is this a higher or foundation question?



@jess I would say that this is a foundation question

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