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FEAR - individual fear of the unknown shown by kipps and the collective fear of what is known (but not discussed) by the residents of Crythin Gifford and the surrounding area.

SUPERNATURAL - although, kipps tries to reassure himself that he, "did not believe in ghosts. What other rational explanation was there?" (Page 79) It is clear that Kipps transforms throughout the novel from someone who is skeptical of the supernatural to someone who believes in ghosts.

REVENGE - When Kipps sees the WIB for the second time at Eel Marsh House he recognises in her expression that she is vengeful and wants to inflict harm on others, " what i saw - [was] a desperate, yearning malevolence." He later goes on to describe her as "A poor, crazed, troubled woman, dead of grief and distress, filled with hatred and desire for revenge." (page 75)

JUSTICE - Notions of revenge/ vengeance are intertwined with justice. The reader is left to ponder…


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