English Lit - Storm on the Island


Storm on the Island


  • The title is blunt and explicit. The poem is about a storm on an island. Yet because there is no article before the title, there is a sense that Heaney is not writing about one storm in particular, but about many similar storms. It is an experience he is used to.


  • The poem is written in the present tense. This creates a sense of drama and also reinforces the idea that storms happen all the time.
  • Heaney uses 'We' throughout the poem, this shows that he is not alone, however he chooses not to give any other details about who else is there.
  • Enjambment - 'when is blows, which conveys the impression of a gust of wind suddenly 'blasting' in at the start of the line."a tame cat / Turned savage", where the surprise of finding"Turned savage" at the beginning of the line enacts the shock of the cat's sudden change in temperament.
  • 'We are prepared: we build our houses squat...' - The opening words of the poem




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